Gary T. DuVall

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About Me

Director, Front-End Development

Eighteen years of multi-disciplinary, award-winning industry experience. Provides technical direction; leads and mentors teams; and somehow still manages to get his own hands dirty pragmatically evaluating and adopting emerging technologies.

Has a passion for developing both engaging, content-rich and data-driven user interfaces suited to audience and the production of underlying, functional code following industry best practices to enrich the overall user experience.

Cool under pressure and always carries a keen sense of humor about him. And he can't stop learning.


  • Technical Direction
  • UI/UX Architecture & Development
  • Interaction Design (IXD)
  • Team Leadership & Mentorship
  • Client Relations
  • Full-Stack Development
  • Technical Project Management

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Current Status

Currently employed full-time; unavailable for assignment.

Architecture, Experience, & Morality

industry professional since 1998

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A Hand-Picked Basket of Fruitful Experiences

Enterprise Communication Lifecycle Management Company (NDA, 2015)



Leading Global Aviation Business Solutions Company (NDA, 2014-2015)



Fortune 500 Educational Retail & Services Company (NDA, 2013-2014)



Caterpillar (2013-2014) »

Technical direction, team leadership, and UI architecture for a major CMS implementation with very tight budgetary and timeline constraints. Developed automated workflows to keep developers in code and away from administrative overhead, resulting in an extraordinarily accelerated production process running concurrently in a completely integrated fashion with creative and user experience. As a result, an ordinarily three-month-long project was delivered several days ahead of our allotted six-week window.

Demonstrably saved the client substantial money during the implementation phase by providing "amazingly clean code" that was Adobe CQ-ready although none of the team had prior Adobe CQ experience, had interacted with the CMS, nor implemented the final product; all product was delivered as systematic CMS-driven templates following a conventional modular architecture with no custom CQ development involved.


Fortune 50 Financial Services Company (NDA, 2011-2014)

Technical direction, team leadership, and UI architecture for an enterprise-level responsive system comprising over 75+ rock-solid components and templates, adhering to a strict on-brand style guide, accessible to WCAG Level A compliance, and guided the implementation process by the client's development team.

As the account's Technical Lead, provided oversight for up to 10 concurrent initiatives and 17 resources inclusive of the above project in addition to several other major initiatives, including the development and management of ancillary properties and representative client-facing relations.

Radio Hibiki for HP/Palm webOS

Radio Hibiki (webOS, 2009-2012) »

As one of the first developers on Palm’s webOS smartphone platform via the Early Access (SDK) Program, I developed the highly-rated ‘Radio Hibiki’ SHOUTcast, Icecast, and direct MP3/AAC stream player utilizing Javascript, AJAX (Prototype), HTML5 Audio API, Local Storage, and Palm's Mojo SDK.

Radio Hibiki generated nearly 30,000 downloads of its free "homebrew-distributed" edition, boasted a 10:1 conversion ratio to paid users, and carried a 4.4/5.0 rating prior to its discontinuation in January, 2012, ending as the highest-rated and most commercially successful paid streaming audio application on the platform.

Reason Magazine Online

Reason Magazine (2008-2010) »

Project leadership and ongoing management; technical direction; UI/UX prototyping, design, and development; feature ideation and execution; IA for 40 years of content; ongoing enhancement to Reason's proprietary content management system.

Reason Magazine, as a result, became a Webby Award Honoree in 2008 and also took home awards that year for Best News Organization Website (1st Place) and Best Design and Layout (2nd Place) in the L.A. Press Club Awards.


Additional projects 2008 and prior, testimonials, and/or details are available upon request.